About Us

Refined Contour Sdn Bhd (Learning Division) is totally committed to excel and compliment the Books Industry in this region. We will together participate and contribute in the country’s development towards achieving ‘Wawasan 2020’. Professionally, we render premier and efficient services to our clients and strive to pursue high quality service differentiation through the development of a high standard of managerial and technical competency.

Company Background

Refined Contour Sdn Bhd is a private company limited by share under the Company Act 1965 and was incorporated on 24 July 1995. Its core Learning Division business is primarily to undertake the business of:

  • Distribution/Supplier of Books, Multimedia and other educational resources to various public and private institutions, thus supporting/enhancing their respective libraries, training & education programmes, seminars & conventions, etc.
  • Currently RCSB, a wholly-owned bumiputra company, is registered with Ministry of Finance, Petronas, and various other higher learning institutions. Formerly RCSB was a registered Central Book Contractor with the Ministry of Finance from 2001 to 2005 and a member of Malaysian Book Contractor Association.